"Dream Body Pack" includes:

  • Weight Loss Nutrition plan. It is not a Diet, it is a Lifestyle change - so you can use to make permanent changes in you creating habits and shred excess weight. Hense this program has no duration limitation. You buy once, you learn how to eat for the rest of yoru life.
  • Toning Fitness program – designed to increase your heart rate (using HIIT principles) to help you lose weight.

Set your mind for 3 month to see solid results (10-15kg, depending on starting weight).

Weight Loss Dream Body Pack (Training and Nutrition)

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  • Is a ful guide on how to evaluate your current body and calculate your target weight, daily calories etc. Contains many visuals to help you relate to what balanced Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner should look like. Include ideas for snacks that won't stop you from achieving your goals.

  • Build using HIIT principles, we will aim to increase your Heart Rate, and get you moving safely. 4 times a week training - different trainings for every day. Pictures and videos are included. 

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