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Nutritional Coaching (Online or in Person): How does it happen and what to expect?

Note: Currently (March-April 2020) all coaching sessions are held online. You will need to have a balance to measure yourself and pass me the data. If you do not own a balance that could measure your body fat and hydration % - I recommended ordering: Renpho balance (around 40 eur)

Meetings form: in person, but for the period of national quarantine - Online. Same coaching structure is applied.
Weight loss Coaching duration: 3 month
Why 3 month?

3 month it is a period when you can achieve first tangible results. The goal is to teach you to understand the foods you consume and be able to make your own educated choices after.

How many times will we meet during 3 months?

We will meet 5 times, each meeting will last 45-60 min, depending:

  1. Initial Introductory meeting

  2. Meal Plan walk through meeting

  3. 1st results meeting

  4. 2nd month result meeting

  5. 3rd month results / Summary meeting

After that you will be free to decide whether you would like to continue with me, or alone.

Recommended equipment:
  • When working online: It would be great if you have a balance that measures your weight, body fat and hydration level. If you do not have, my personal recommendation would be: Renpho balance (around 40CHF). You will be required to measure yourself before our coaching session and pass me the data.

  • When working in person: no equipment needed. I will have all for you.

How do we start?

After you contact me, we have an Introduction meeting, where we get to know each other.

"Introductory meeting"

The main goal is to get to know each other and for me to collect all the relevant information about your lifestyle.

We will perform a body measurements, define your current weight, body fat %, hydration level. I will ask you many questions about your lifestyle, like whether you do exercise, will ask you to describe your day in terms of foods you eat, etc.

After I have all the information, I will go away and prepare your personal meal plan within next 7 days. Meeting Duration: 45-60 min

Meal Plan walk through" meeting

This is our second meeting. I will walk you through the created meal plan, explaining general guidelines, rules, do's and don'ts as well as how to eat when you have been invited out (without announcing to the world that you are on a diet) and what to pay attention to. You will receive guidance plan, shopping list and stack of inspirational recipes to follow. We will define targets for your first month, as well as agree on our next meeting date. Meeting Duration: 45-60 min

Between meetings you will be required to log your foods using MyFitnessPal app as well as send me pictures of your meals.

"1st Month Results" meeting

Now that you have gone through your first month on a new life lifestyle, we will meet and perform body measurements and compare them to the initial numbers, and look at the progress. I have seen clients losing anywhere between 2 - kg, depending on the starting weight. The first month is always for us to see how your body reacts to the changes. We work in a no judgmental manner, but you are required to follow the plan if you would like to see those kilos go away. We will set new targets for the 2nd month and define next meeting date. Meeting Duration: 45-60 min

"2nd Month Results" meeting

This is a second month into your healthy journey, by now cravings should have been gone (if you followed the plan without exceptions) and you should be getting into more comfortable eating pattern. We will meet at the end of the second month, to evaluate your progress and see whether your weight loss is happening as expected. If not, I will adjust the plan into a more vigorous on. If you haven't lost any weight, and depending on your case, I might recommend you 2-3 sessions of acupuncture to help us kick start your metabolism and remove potential blocks that might be preventing us. Meeting Duration: 45-60 min

"3rd Month Results" meeting

This is the last month of our initially planned journey. We will perform body analysis, compare data and I will give you some final recommendations for your future journey.

What's next?

Of course you may be free to choose to continue the coaching if you wish. Some clients find it helpful to keep them accountable and motivated, even if they know how to eat by now.

Feel free to contact me for further questions and clarifications!

Best regards Olga Your Nutritionist


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