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7 tips to lose weight in 3 month

(& get in best shape for the Summer 2020)

Getting in shape requires around 3 - 6 month, so now it is perfect time to start your weight loss journey on the way to being fit just in time for Summer 2020.

I want you to understand one thing - there is no need to go extremes when deciding to lose weight.

Most important step you have to take to achieve effective weight loss are:

1. Analyze & Fix your current eating habits

Take a sheet of paper and be honest with yourself. Write down foods you eat for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Add snacks, including those ones that you feel guilty for. The most important is to be aware and honest with yourself. From now on, you have to eliminate all the foods that contribute to your weight gain: simple carbs, added sugar, alcohol and sweet drinks. Cut your portion size by 25%. Control fats.

2. Get active & do exercise

Yes you can't avoid it. If you want to change your body - you need to change your habit and lifestyle. Wight loss without exercise is possible, but it will be VERY SLOW or might not happen if you are not strict with eating.

Healthy weight loss rate is 0.5kg - 1kg per week. Ensuring you are active every day - will help you to burn that stored fat. Best is to have a correct Fitness program done for your body type or if you can afford - have a personal coach training you. This way he will ensure you are doing correct exercise and not wasting your time in the gym.

3. Hydrate

When comes to weight loss, water is your best friend. If you want to see those kilos melting, you need to forget about alcohol and sugary drinks. If meeting friends, you can choose to have unsweetened bubble water with ginger, lemon, cucumber or mint in it to dress it up.

Your body hydration level ideally should be around 60% for metabolism to be at its most effective sweet point. Unfortunately, most people struggling with weight loss would be around 48-52%. To measure this you can look for a scale in the gym that could measure it for you.

Personally, I have conducted an experiment where I got my hydration % up from 58% to 61.5% by reducing stress (I mean it). In period of my life I started to truly enjoy my life. As Olivier Laurençon, Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist would explain, I stopped fighting life and my body does not "generate heat inside" and this is direct cause of more effective body hydration %.

4. Adjust the mindset

It is normal and natural to expect fast weight loss, however it is not the best way to approach it. You need to allow yourself 3 - 6 month (depending on your current weight and the amount of consistent effort you are willing to put) in order to lose visible amount of weight. I would recommend to avoid weighting yourself every day, as it will drive you crazy mentally. Best is to weigh yourself on Sunday morning (empty stomach) and track progress. If you see you are not losing weight, you need to look for errors in your approach.

5. Know your WHY (it has to be strong)

Knowing your "why" will help you being consistent and disciplines in those difficult days. The moment you crave that sugary snack at 16 o'clock, or allowing yourself that treat, you need to think why you started the journey and why you can't abandon it.

6. Know the macros in foods you are eating

When going on a weight loss journey, you must learn about the proteins, carb and fat % in the foods you eat. Correct balance of macro-nutrients and correct amount of daily calories is the key to weight loss. Weight loss formula: spend more calories than you eat = weight loss. I recommend logging your foods into MyFitnessPal and watching daily Marcos to be in order.

7. Greens and proteins are your best friends

You will have to put control on fats and carbs during your weight loss, ensuring they stay within limits. Fresh greens and proteins will be the foods to increase.

8. Limit added sugars (and fruits)

When it comes to weight loss, we all know we have to cut added sugars. When we do that though, we often tend to compensate with fruits (fresh or dried). Avoid this trap. Do not consumer more than 2 servings of fruit a day, and never in the evening.

9. Get professional help

If you have been trying to lose weight on your own, and seen little to no progress you need to get professional help and analyze what is it blocking the progress. Self weight loss is possible, but often people lack consistency, detailed knowledge and personal accountability.

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