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5 way to stay in shape: when the world is on quarantine.

While the whole world is in total panic mode and mass quarantine due to the Coronavirus, people like me face a challenge: how do we not lose physical condition that we've worked so hard for, just because gyms are closed? While my first reaction was "What the hell!?", after sleeping on it for a while, I started come up with alternative training ways that I am to incorporate into my life.

I am not going to let Coronavirus and massive panic break my fitness routine, my cardiovascular conditioning and allow loss of muscle mass. No WAY! LOL!

1. Running outside

I was quite resistant to running lately, but now that there is no choice, life is putting us athletes to the parks to continue our training. This is a perfect opportunity to get back into running and keep the cardio training up. Enjoying fresh air, sun and wind in the face is a great way to battle mental stress as well as keep the fitness up.

2. Biking

Biking is a great way to be outside, clear the mind and enjoy the nature, especially if the weather is good. If you own a road bike - great, if not - regular bike will do. Or maybe its a mountain biking you are into? Its your choice. One thing is clear - its a great cardio kick ! :)

3. Yoga & Stretching

Whether at home, or in the park, yoga is a great way to keep the mind calm and body mobile and flexible. People who practice regularly are more positive in attitude, grateful, as well as less stressed.

Great online resource I want to recommend to all my readers is www.yogaglo.com - it is a great collection of classes of different levels and styles.

4. HIIT & Tabata

Great intense way of training is High Intensity Interval Training and Tabata. Shorts, efficient and effective way to keep yourself fit outside of the gym. Can be done at home or in the park.

5. Basics: Squats, Lunges, Push ups and pull-ups

Sticking to the basics is a great strategy to keep your muscles in form. Push up and pull ups will keep your upper body in tact, and squats and lunges (preferably weighted) will keep your legs in form.

As a summary I would like to say - don't let anything shift you off from your targets! You are strong, and we will get over it!

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