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"If you listen to your body whispers, you won't need to hear it scream."

Types of pain we can help you with: 

Back Pain

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain

Foot & Ankle Pain

Elbow Pains

Knee Pain

Wrist Pain

Hip Pain

Headaches & Migraines

OLIVIER Laurençon

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or call: 076 544 52 95

About your Coach:


Help people live a pain-free life and awaken your awareness.

Why Acupuncture & Chinese medicine:

Olivier has been a competing athlete from a very young age.
At the age of 6, he has a first serious injury (broken wrist from motocross competition). From then on until the age of 18 he has had more than 15 incidents of broken bones, surgeries that involved neck, wrists, legs and more. He had to learn to deal with pain to continue his life. He discovered Acupuncture.

Further, in life, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine helped him to deal with painful life events, become awakened, discover his inner powers and dedicate himself to helping people be better in their lives. 

Education & Accredetations

  • Institute Liang Shen Geneva (Switzerland) & Si Yuan Balance method

  • Recognised by Swiss complementary insurance (ASCA)


What Do

Olivier is very professional - I have a lot of trust in him. 
I have extraordinary children, Olivier knows how to put them in confidence and bring them well being.
Thank you for your expertise.*


* Review has been translated from French ​to English.

Original source: Facebook page

I highly recommend, very professional and attentive to its customers, a real passion!*


* Review has been translated from French ​to English.

Original source: Facebook page

Pricing & Availability:

(Face to face)

120 CHF

During the first session, we will agree on the Therapy package, depending on the problem at hand.

Usually 3-5 sessions is recommended.

(Skype, Facetime or else)

50 CHF / 30' min

Acupuncture can be practised online, given you are capable of following instructions and place the needles yourself.
(Will be sent by post prior to our session).


The quote will be provided upon scope agreement.

or call: 076 544 52 95