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"Take care of your body. It is the only place you've got to live in."

- Jim Rohn

A nutritionist can help you with:

Weight Loss

Muscle Gain

Emotional Eating

Athletic meal plans

Sugar Cravings

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Nutrition

Healthy Eating

Vegetarian & Vegan meal plans

Balanced eating for children 

OLGA Davidian

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or call: 079 324 12 47

About your Coach:


Help people be confident in their own body.

Why Nutrition:

I have always been passionate about the healthy way of living. Practising sports at an early age, and becoming a competing athlete at the age of 30. My search for purpose of life resulted in pursuing Nutrition and Coaching studies. It was a way for me to contribute back to society.


I led many clients who have transformed their bodies and lifestyles.

What I love about the work I do - is the rewarding feeling of seeing results and changes. A person comes in with some issues, puts the work in, and at the end of the period becomes confident, glowing and so happy! This is what I call a fulfilment in life.

Education & Accredetations

  • International Sports Science Association (USA)

  • Specialising in Nutrition and Coaching


What Do

Olga is doing miracles. I lost 9kg in 3 months, significantly improved my body fat % and gained 2kg of muscle. Olga is a super coach, she is helping you to eat in a totally different manner. I strongly recommend her


Original source: Google reviews

I have lost 15kg fat and gained 5kg muscles within 3 months and it’s going on. Thanks to this personalized program, not only my body shape is transformed, but I have now all the tips I need to progress. #motivation #exercices #nutrition, all you need to do the same. It’s not only a short term diet, you’ll appreciate the results, diet food can be good, exercising too, don’t hesitate!


Original source: Google reviews

Pricing & Coaching:


120 CHF

Meal plan tailored to your needs and objectives.


490 CHF

1. We will meet for the first time to discuss your current lifestyle and objectives. Perform body measures.

2. I will build your personal profile and nutrition plan within the 7 days after our first meeting. We will meet to discuss the program. Next day after our meeting is you Day 1 of 3-month Nutrition Coaching. 

3. After that, we will meet 3 times to measure your progress.

4. During our last meeting, we will perform a summary of your achievements and you may decide to continue with me, or on your own. 

or call: 079 324 12 47