Weight Management

(Nutrition Coaching)
Weight loss

We will aim for a loss weight at a safe rate (0.5-1kg / week).
The goal is to change eating habits and not feel hungry or deprived. We will teach you to manage your lifestyle on your own at the end of our coaching period.

Athletic nutrition

Athletes in different sports have different dietary requirements.
A runner cannot eat the same diet as a strength athlete. 
If you are looking to move to the next level of your performance, you must have an adapted diet. 

Muscle gain

For advanced gym-goers who want to shred and build muscle mass.
If you want your body to be perfectly defined, your diet needs to be perfect as well. We will evaluate and create an eating plan for your personal goals. 

Special needs nutrition

Whether you are pregnant, or breastfeeding mom or have a particular physical condition or disability, eating habits become particularly important.
We will educate you on what your diet should be like and lead you during the whole coaching period.

How will we work?

Poor eating habits. Stress. Lack of movement. Not enough time. 

These are all very common issues of a modern human being.

Focused on our life's routines and challenges often we forget to take care of the most important areas of our

Intro meeting

The main objective of our first meeting is to get to know each other, evaluate your body composition and current lifestyle. After I have all the details, I will prepare your nutrition plan that you will be required to follow in the next 3 months. We will meet in about 1 week again.

Plan walk through

One week after our initial meeting, your personal nutrition program is ready. We will meet to go over all the details and I will answer all of your questions. We will agree on Day 1 and start. You will be required to send me pictures of your meals and log foods daily.

1st month progress

One month into the program, we will meet again and take your body measurements. The first month into the weight loss program will be different for everybody. Your main job is to follow the plan, and mine - to make sure it works.

2nd month progress

The second month is acceleration. You will also be well into the new eating habits if you have been following the plan. We should be well on the way to our goals. If you followed the plan and progress is slow, I will reconstruct the plan.

Summary meeting

The final meeting in our initial program plan. We will look at the overall progress, identify future required work, and agree on how to continue. Whether we continue together or not, your goal will be to stay on track and continue the work we started.

Meet your Nutrition Coach

Helping people be healthy and confident in their bodies through nutrition and weight management.

I have always been passionate about the healthy way of living. Practising sports at an early age, and becoming a competing athlete at the age of 30. My search for the purpose of life resulted in pursuing Nutrition and Coaching studies. It was a way for me to contribute back to society.


I led many clients who have transformed their bodies and lifestyles.

What I love about the work I do - is the rewarding feeling of seeing results and changes. A person comes in with some issues, puts the work on, and at the end of the period becomes confident, glowing and so happy! This is what I call a fulfilment in life.

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Olga Davidian

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Healthy Cooking Lessons
for groups up to 6 people

In order to achieve the best results in nutrition coaching, it is important to know how to cook healthy, quick and nutritious meals. We decided to launch our own cooking lessons at our place in rue de Lausanne, Geneva so we can teach you first hand.

During the lesson, we will provide cooking tips regarding the quality of cookware and fresh produce, as well as give you first-hand tips on how to make lighter and healthier meals. 

We will spend together 2 hours of quality time, where you will taste 2 starters, 2 deserts and 2 deserts cooked by nutritionist and have fun with your friends at the same time. 

What do people say:
I have lost 15kg fat and gained 5kg muscles within 3 months and it’s going on. Thanks to this personalized program, not only my body shape is transformed, but I have now all the tips I need to progress. #motivation #exercices #nutrition, all you need to do the same. It’s not only a short term diet, you will appreciate the results, diet food can be good, exercising too, don’t hesitate!


* The original review is on our Google Business page.

3 month
Nutrition Coaching
490 chf

3 months

Start your health journey.

  • Lifestyle & habit change

  • Reach your goals

  • Be educated about how you eat

  • Combat cravings

Nutrition Coaching
+ Training Plan
590 chf

3 months

Be fit & strive for body of your dreams.

  • 3 month of nutritional coaching

  • Personalized fitness program 

  • Motivation

  • Education

Full Coaching
for Maximum Results
1 800 chf

3 months

Achieve maximum results

  • Private coaching 3x / week

  • Personal Nutrition Coaching

  • Full guidance

  • Unlimited access to coach

  • Education, motivation 


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