Be Fit

(Personal Fitness Coaching)
Fitness for weight loss

When aiming to lose weight, combining diet with a structured exercise routine is essential. We will analyse your current condition and build the best plan of action on the way to your weight loss journey.

Recommended coaching duration for optimal results: 3-6 month

Athletic preparation

Race/competition preparation requires careful planning and optimized training. It is crucial to allow adequate time for the preparation before your key event (6 months). We will strive to put you in the best condition safely.

Recommended coaching duration for optimal results: 6 month

Looking to be muscular and lean? The key to success is a combination of optimized nutrition and training plan, as well as discipline. With our muscle-building program, we will aim to get you to your goals in a natural and safe way.

Recommended coaching duration for optimal results: 6 month

Special needs training

Whether you are pregnant, or breastfeeding mom or have a particular physical condition or disability, taking care of your physical body is a priority you shouldn't neglect. Physical exercise will help you to avoid body aches and keep you in the best possible form.

Recommended coaching duration for optimal results: ongoing

What does it take to change your body

It takes work, consistency and discipline to see your body change. It takes a longer time than people expect, that is why so many give up without seeing the result. 
We will analyse your goals, prepare the best matching training plan and can coach you personally to ensure you stay on track, motivated and we will be there in the hardest moment when the brain is at its loudest moment trying to convince you to give up.

How it starts

We will begin by analysing your current lifestyle, fitness level and eating habits, take your body measurements.
You might be advised to combine your training with 1-month nutrition coaching for best results. 
The goal will be to identify targets, agree on training structure and schedule.

Show up and do the work

Once we agree on the plan of action, you will be required to show up and be willing to do the work. Changing the way your body looks is not an easy process and requires effort. You have to be mentally ready. We will push you slightly out of your comfort zone, but always in a safe way adjusted to your fitness level, in order to ensure progress.

Be regular

Success comes only to those who exert regular effort. Each session skipped will be a step back in your progress, so staying regular is a key. 

You will have to prioritise Health and Fitness in your life and give it your best in the training moment. We are here together to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Follow the plan

When we create a your training plan, we will build the program using particular movement combinations that will help us see results faster. Therefore, sticking to the plan is crucial. 

If you choose to cheat - remember one thing - you are not cheating your coach, you cheat yourself, and that is not worth it.

Do not expect fast results

In modern society, we are used to having fast results: food delivered in a click of a mouse, products delivered the next day. In health and fitness, these fast methods do not work. We recommend setting your mind right for the next 6-9 month. This way you will not be thorn mentally, because the expectation of fast change is a wrong way to approach this.

3 month from now you'll wish you'd started today.
Olivier allows me to "save" my training and relieves me deeply. Thank you it opened me to a better use of my body.*


* This review has been translated from French.  The original review is on our Facebook page.

Personal Training
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Training Plan 
100 chf

1 month

Regular personal


*clients training weekly more than 2x week

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