Be In Charge

(Emotional Coaching)
Unexpressed feelings

Many people go through life carrying the burden of trapped feelings. A situation that happened in your life, a person, or even a comment made to you in childhood. All this left unattended may be a block on the way to inner happiness.

Sadness, anger, fear

Loss of a close one, a broken relationship, situation(s) at the workplace or inside a family.  All this may contribute to bad emotions that are trapped inside and preventing to your happy life. We will help you to work through these feelings and find solutions to its elimination.

Stress, Anxiety

The modern pace of life, digital exposure, length of daily to-do list may leave you feeling burned out. While you may continue fighting against daily challenges, deep inside you you know you need to change things. We are here to help to work it through, talk, support and find ways out.


Overthinking, overanalysing, constantly asking why. All this is okay, but to a certain level. When done in excess, your mental wellbeing may start to suffer - worry and anxiety kick in and become a regular part of your life, blocking joys of life. 

What do our clients say:
With the help of Olivier I was able to change the course of my life, reset new targets and gain a better understanding of what I truly wanted and how to achieve it in such a short amount of time.
Simply put, I came out armed to take on the world!


What do our clients say:
1h session
120 chf

  • Life coaching

  • Psychologic support

  • Solution-oriented

  • Chinese medicine

  • Motivation

  • Plan of action creation

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