Olivier Laurençon

Helping people manage pain and emotional conditions. Be physically fit and awaken awareness.

From the age of 6 Olivier is at a high level of sports. In childhood, he was on a leading board of motocross French National Championships. By the age of 17 earning his black belt in Judo and pursuing Sports Science as a direction in studies. By the age of 19, he had finished hundreds of triathlon races of various lengths & difficulties. 

Olivier has over 20 years of coaching experience in various sports disciplines. Adaptable and creative when creating clients training approach to achieve the desired goal.

All these sports competitions led to numerous injuries and broken bones. That is how Olivier has discovered the power of acupuncture. And later on in life has pursued it professionally to add to his sports specialization. He has been successfully treating many patients with various medical conditions, helping them ease the symptoms and pain.

At the age of 40, Olivier has become an Ironman athlete and discovered the ultimate passion of his sports career - mechanical sports. Olivier is number 1 Swiss racer in the SWS Karting Championship today (2019).

When Olivier has you in coaching - you can be assured, the results are coming, you just have to show up and do the work.

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Education & Accredetations

  • Sports Science National diploma (France)

  • Institute Liang Shen Geneva (Switzerland) & Si Yuan Balance method

  • Recognised by Swiss complementary insurance (ASCA)

  • Les Mills Coach

In charge of:

  • Chinese medicine & acupuncture treatments

  • Pain management

  • Emotional support

  • Physical trainings & programs

About Us

Olga Davidian

Helping people be healthy and confident in their body through nutrition and weight management.

I have always been passionate about the healthy way of living. Practising sports at an early age, and becoming a competing athlete at the age of 30. My search for the purpose of life resulted in pursuing Nutrition and Coaching studies. It was a way for me to contribute back to society.


I led many clients who have transformed their bodies and lifestyles.

What I love about the work I do - is the rewarding feeling of seeing results and changes. A person comes in with some issues, puts the work on, and at the end of the period becomes confident, glowing and so happy! This is what I call a fulfilment in life.

Education & Accredetations

  • International Sports Science Association (USA) diploma

  • Certified Nutritionist, specialized in Weight Loss & Sports Nutrition

  • Personal Fitness Coaching ISSA DIploma 

In charge of:

  • Weight loss & nutrition plans

  • Athletic nutrition

  • Motivation

  • Fitness coaching

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079 324 12 47 (Olga)

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