Be well. Live well. 
Manage Weight
(Nutrition Coaching)

Adopt healthy eating habits and achieve weight goals, based on your age, sex and height. 
We will guide, educate and motivate. You implement.

Be Fit
(Fitness Coaching)

Exercise safely, with a personalized approach to your level and goals. We teach, we motivate, we challenge. 
Your body moves & improves.

Manage Pain
(Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture)

Acupuncture has positive effects on the nervous, endocrine, immune, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Relieve pain and blockages. Ease symptoms.

Be in Charge

Do not let emotional issues prevent you from being truly happy. If you are feeling stressed, sad, angry or else, it might be the right time to speak to us. Let us help you.

Our Approach

Using Chinese Medicine principles, we will perform diagnostics of your condition and analyze possible cause & treatment.

We will analyze your lifestyle & eating habits. For clients looking for weight loss, we will recommend Nutrition & Fitness Coaching.

If your condition is tied to emotional imbalances (unexpressed feelings like anger, sadness, fear or else) we will support you with the personalized Emotional Coaching program.

Poor eating habits. Stress. Lack of movement. Not enough time. 

These are all very common issues of a modern human being.

Focused on our life's routines and challenges often we forget to take care of the most important areas of our existence: mental and physical health. 

We follow the fast-paced rhythm of life day in and day out until our body starts giving us signals. Pains, extra weight, low mood, tiredness, irritability. This is a point when you should stop and rethink your life. 

And we are here to guide you.

What we can help you with:

Weight loss

Becoming fit

Injury / post-operation recovery

Low energy

Stress, Anxiety, Fear

Weight gain

Mobility & recovery

Physical pain

Immune system boost

Trapped emotions: frustration, anger, sadness

Healthy cooking

Competition preparation

Medical conditions

Relationship & social difficulties

Feeling of being 'stuck' in life

and much more...

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We are a couple who decided to combine our professional knowledge and experience with one mission in mind:

Each of us is specialized in our own thing, but together we bring our clients holistic all-around health expertise.

Our clients have lost hundreds of kilos, successfully treated many injuries and pains of all kinds, and improved their lives as individuals and couples.

We apply knowledge of fitness, nutrition, Chinese medicine, psychology and self-development with an attitude: anything is possible, we just need to convince our minds.

Get in touch with us, to learn how we can help your situation.

You can trust eyes closed, Olivier is proof in great professionalism, he is all listen, he takes the time to explain things in a simple and accurate, plus the smile and kindness are also on appointment 5/5 for my go.*


* Review has been translated from French. The original review is on our Facebook page.


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